Looking For Pre-Tied Bow Ties?

A colourful bowtie is the quickest way to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. No longer only worn at formal events, it brings a vintage twist to your everyday outfits and can be fun, smart and quirky.

At Blow Ties, we have a strong passion for bow ties and have an exciting and ever-expanding collection to choose from. Our bow ties are available pre-tied, narrow self and butterfly self ties.

Accessories that will make you feel and look great.

Pre-tied bow ties are much easier to put on and remove, making then a popular option for those who want to get dressed quickly, without the fuss of tying knots. Since there’s plenty of online tutorials on how to tie this type of accessory, it’s clear this often a pain!

Among our range of bow ties is this Navy Tartan Bowtie which will immediately complement anybody’s outfit. This is just one example of the original designs on offer at Blow Ties, which also includes floral designs like this Sunshine Bow Tie. Perfect for summer, this will bring sunshine into your life at any time.

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