Handmade Bow Ties

Whether it’s work dinners, family parties or other special occasions, the right bow tie can be the highlight of a perfect outfit. With one of our handmade bow ties here at Blow Ties, we are sure that you can have a tie that expresses both the elegant style of your clothing as well as your personality.

Our bow ties are detailed with a range of different designs to ensure that each customer can find a tie unique to their personality. We believe that bow ties should be more than just a fashion accessory, which is why we create our ties with innovative designs to ensure that it can distinguish one character from another.

Can’t decide which one you want from our collection? Choose our free bow tie option! You can have a randomly selected bow tie sent to your door and all you will have to pay is postage and packaging. 

In addition to bow ties, if you are in need of a tie for work or other formal occasions, we also provide an array of unique skinny ties.

Don’t hesitate to choose something from our online offers today.

If you would like to order a handmade bow tie from our collection, or to find out more about our handmade bow ties, you can email us at hello@blowties.com