Bespoke Dickie Bow Ties

What’s more wonderfully British than a dickie bow tie?

Everyone from James Bond to Doctor Who know the value of a good dickie bow. The humble bow tie has charmed its way into everyday outfits in the past decade, especially among smart gents and ladies.

Bow ties are charming, fun-loving and can jazz up even the most boring outfit. As a fashion statement, they are affordable and can easily be ordered bespoke to suit your unique personality.

Not only the perfect finishing touch to a tux, they’re also a way to look instantly sophisticated on a casual basis. Everyone remembers somebody who’s wearing a bow tie; despite their growing popularity they’ll still an easy way to make yourself memorable.

At Blow Ties, we sell an extensive collection of bow ties in a variety of original designs.

Whether you love floral designs or red tartan, or psychedelic colours, Blow Ties have a range of bespoke dickie bow ties. Many of our products are currently on sale, including this Eden Bowtie which is reduced to £14.99.

We can help you find the perfect bow tie with which to finish your outfit.

Why not explore our range of bow ties today?