Meet The Maker!

*Blow Ties represents the revolution against sameness lead by courageous souls*

Blow ties is a concept for those that dare to stand out and lead, for those not afraid to be different, for those courageous souls that everyone aspires to. 

The question I get asked the most is 'How did it all start?' Most people have incredible stories and most of them link to their childhood or someone that had a big influence on them in their life. 

In my case, it all started out of synchronisation. I had a lot of beautifully patterned pieces of fabric that I bought during my travels in Vietnam and I thought I better make something out of them. I bought myself a sewing machine (which I still use atm) watched the instructional DVD that came with it and gave it a go. Obviously, it took me a while to get a straight line as I never touched a sewing machine before, but in the end, with practice, I ended up making bow ties for my other half ( even though when I bought the fabrics I was imagining skirts and dresses for myself) 

Bows were always part of my wardrobe so now when I look back, it made sense to start making my own. 

I believe that the accessories that we wear are the ones that fulfill an outfit and makes it unique which is why I wanted to create a brand that celebrates this. 

Blow ties represents the revolution against sameness, mass production and stereotypes. Blow ties stands for the generation that thinks on its own, for the liberty of loving thyselves, for the small ideas that can produce a great impact.